Friday, January 14, 2011

first of friday treats...

In the spirit of sending out #ff shout-outs on Twitter at the end of each week, I thought it would be nice to try to come up with a treat to post each week on our blog. Whether you've had a long week full of challenges, or your week sped by swimmingly, the idea is to give you something fun/inspiring/interesting/hillarious to kick off your weekend. In any case, this will be something you can check out online and share with friends if you like. I encourage you to leave comments or send us an email ( if you have comments or suggestions to share. I will try to have one every week for you, so your feedback would be very helpful!

So without further ado, our first ever Fun Friday post...

Check out:

Where you'll find:
Hillarious and unfortunate text messages courtesey of iPhone autocorrect. If you have an iPhone, you've likely had an experience or two like this yourself. If not, read enough of them and you'll catch on fast.

- Prepare yourself for some foul language.
- Do not attempt to eat or drink anything while reading these or listening to anyone read them.
- If you aren't struggling to control your laughter after reading through a handful of these, try reading them out loud to a friend using your left and right index fingers like puppets to indicate the two sides of the exchange... So worth it!

The following is a rather tame, more "office appropriate" sampling:

Hope you have a Fun Friday and and even better weekend!


P.S. I'm serious about the no eating/drinking thing... I almost died twice yesterday. The first time was green tea, second was raspberry yogurt. Read safe, Kids!


  1. HILARIOUS ... done this myself ... Really good Lisa!!! PS - you might want to post warning at the top of this ... as tea already spit before warning ... LOL

  2. Update: Moved Tips above the examples.

    Thanks, Sharon - very good idea! ;)