Tuesday, June 29, 2010

baby's first publication...

We design cabinet plans for people all the time. Some clients are afraid of their computer. Some want to cut down on the time they are at IKEA working on their cabinet order. Some clients have no idea where to start. Sometimes it's just that the client doesn't have the time to do measure for and space-plan their cabinets.

The clients who are strapped for time are often flush with style and decor ideas. That was definitely the case with Michael Richardson and Brian Sevy, our clients from the Southern Lower Mainland in January of 2009. They were just in the beginning stages of a major renovation project then. Lovely people who we hadn't heard from in a while, until...

Picture this... It's Saturday night and my family is in town and we're doing a barbecue dinner. Hubby's hard at work prepping the food when we realise we are out of charcoal. No problem! We live a minute away from the grocery store. So my brother in law and I head over to pick up a bag of charcoal from the store. Standing in the check-out line, I see this:

I thought to myself "I never buy magazines from the grocery store. And Kimberley Seldon is the Decorating Editor for this one. I should buy it." So I did.

Cut to 45ish minutes later, me eating my dinner, and flipping through my new magazine while casually listening to the conversation my sister and mum are having. Thank goodness I was between bites, because there would have been a serious spit-take. My thoughts: "Oh this is a great sofa. Love that table. Huh - the set-up of those kitchen windows looks familiar..." That's when I almost lost my dinner. Here's what caught my eye:

I think to myself "I know those windows." How do I know those windows? Because we were there. We measured and planned this kitchen a year and a half ago.

So congratulations to Michael and Brian for having the vision to restore this retro gem. Congrats to us for having a client featured in a major design publication. And thank you to Kimberley Seldon for being so generous and inspiring because, without that, I probably wouldn't have thought to pick up this issue of Style at Home.

To learn more...

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We planned out the cabinets for the main kitchen area, and also designed and sub-contracted the fabrication of the custom piece that you'll see to the far right of the image directly below (wood-framed pass-thru between kitchen and dining area). All cabinet parts were supplied by IKEA, the finishes were selected by the client, the cabinets were installed by our company, and all other finishes were fabricated and installed by other companies.


And pick up the issue - on stands now!

Thanks so much for reading.

Lisa (for the Dome Design Team)

Friday, June 25, 2010

in case you're not on facebook...

We have a number of photos posted on our Facebook page, but - as not everyone who reads blogs is on Facebook - we thought it was a good idea to post photos of our Past Projects here, as well. So here goes... Click these images to see them full-size. (Oh, and hopefully you can guess which is the "before" and which is "after"!)

. project one

. cabinet plan and installation by Dome
. finishes selection and photographs by client